Free VHDL Model

Modified in 4,April,1999

Use these models in your own risk.

Standard Logic
Standard logic model with VITAL
AMD Flash Menory
AMD Flash memory Model
Intel Flash Memory
Intel Flash Memory Model
Simple Dram
A simple DRAM model only has read and write function.Created by our president.Precise Model is here
LS163 4bit counter model
4bit counter model without arithmetic library
4bit Multiplier
Structure discription of 4bit Multiplier Model
Conversion Package
Package good for hexadecimal representation.There are package header and package body.
256MB SDRAM dimm module4bit model
256MB SDRAM dimm nodule model consist of our SDRAM model.Giga Byte memory system is avairable
Modification for other SDRAM model is passible.But You should be carefull some models cause workstation hang because consume large resource.

Other Models:Please search here

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